Meet The Characters

From left to right: Mika, Maddy, Kerri, Lara, Esme, Abbey and Millie

  • Mika Miyagi-Jones: Half Japanese, best known for her cool karate moves and having limbs like elastic.
  • Maddy Bartholomew: Loyal ally against mad prefects and amateur ghost-buster.
  • Kerri Legge: Day girl and Lara's best-friend - official supplier of emergency food-rations.
  • Lara Edgecombe: Diary keeper, book worm and wannabe world traveller with an over-active imagination.
  • Esme Giles: AKA Oracle - the font of all knowledge and biggest Osmond fan ever.
  • Abbey Cameron: Lara's first dorm friend and bunk buddy. Mastermind of after-dark activities.
  • Millie Dwight: Sleep-walking Tobagan, full moon monitor and coordinator of spooky investigations.

Book Reviews

What People Are Saying

"Fun and full of nostalgic 70's vibes, this is an entertaining story of friendship and dance with a cast of delightfully eccentric characters. It perfectly captures the spirit of being a young girl with a head full of dreams and the world at your feet."